Neighborhood Revitalization

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Building community.
Together. Block by block.

A few new homes in a neighborhood is a good start, but communities deserve more.

Habitat for Humanity’s neighborhood revitalization work assists communities in developing a sense of well-being while preserving the quality of life that all neighborhoods deserve. We provide an array of housing solutions in existing communities across San Diego County. With this approach, we fulfill our mission of building new homes while also building community and hope.


Just as every neighborhood is unique, Habitat’s work looks different in each community.

Our work is built upon the principle that, to be successful, each neighborhood must be treated uniquely according to its needs. We encourage residents to be active participants in the revitalization of their own community, so that Habitat’s efforts can best address real concerns and improve the lives of people who already live in the neighborhood.

Collaboration is essential.

Habitat for Humanity is just one part of a community-wide effort. We partner with other community-based organizations to help neighborhoods become stronger, more vibrant places to live. Together, we are working to improve our community for as many families as we can by:

joining or forming community coalitions
creating formal + informal alliances at the local level
advocating for public policy + housing initiatives
developing a common vision with resident leaders
rallying active neighborhood support

Current Efforts

We have implemented major multi-year NR efforts in the communities where we built new homes, including Escondido, Imperial Beach, and Logan Heights. We now continue this work throughout San Diego County.

An array of housing solutions are offered through NR as a way to build stronger communities.

  • Home preservation
    making homes safer and healthier through improvements that ensure:

    • homes are easier to maintain
    • homeowners can age in place
  • VetRepair
    addressing health and safety issues in the homes of veterans through:

    • weatherization improvements
    • home preservation improvements
  • Community projects
    creating healthy, vibrant public spaces we can all enjoy together

Map Legend

  • VetRepairs
  • Community Projects

  • Home Repair Focus Areas


Latest Updates

We are proud to have partnered with these organizations.

Love your neighborhood?

Play an active role in local revitalization efforts.

Neighborhoods thrive when we work together in pursuit of change. There’s a lot of work to be done to make San Diego communities even better, and you can help.

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