In January, we learned that Governor Newsom’s budget proposal for FY25 includes a claw-back of $152.5M in FY24 funding previously allocated for the CalHome program. CalHome, as the sole state funding source for the building and rehabilitation of ownership homes, plays a vital role in addressing California’s housing challenges. CalHome is widely used by nonprofit developers, including Habitat for Humanity throughout California, to support new home construction and home preservation. If CalHome is excluded from the budget, thousands of ownership homes across the state will go unbuilt.

Please act now to help ensure CalHome gets restored in the state budget by taking one minute to remind Governor Newsom and your State Representatives that you believe more Californians should have access to homeownership and all the social, health, financial, educational, and generational benefits it offers. You can learn more about the campaign by clicking here. Thank you for taking action today!