We recently completed some fencing repairs at the home of a veteran through our VetRepair program.

Joe served in the Marines from 1987-91. In 2006, he reenlisted in the military and joined the Army National Guard. He was quickly elevated to the Army and sent on deployment in Afghanistan; he was awarded a Purple Heart military decoration for his service there.

Joe loves camping, practicing martial arts, spending time with his girlfriend, and is currently learning how to play the guitar. He has lived in his home for 11 years, and he loves how quiet, safe, and pretty the neighborhood is. Joe is excited about the fence repairs since he has two dogs — Athena and Aurelius — who have both escaped his backyard. Joe will have better peace of mind when letting his dogs spend time outside. We will also be making several accessibility improvements to Joe’s home which will improve the functionality and quality of life within his home, as well as to help him safely and healthily age in place.

This project put 32 volunteers to work for a total of 212 hours. We were pleased to have teams from GiveBack Homes and Gafcon, as well as some of our Regular volunteers and even a future homeowner from our new community in Escondido!