Becki Wallies has made a lasting commitment to helping local families achieve the stability that homeownership provides. She gives a small monthly donation to Habitat, and has decided to make an even bigger contribution at the end of her life. Becki says it was an easy thing to arrange — nothing more than asking her financial advisor to list Habitat as one of her beneficiaries.

“I’ve had many fun days with Habitat pounding nails, painting walls, building a fence, climbing on roofs and even trying a jackhammer. I also coordinated several workdays for my congregation — when we were all a little younger — and it was always a great bonding event. Nowadays I’m more likely to volunteer in the ReStore”, Becki says.

One of the reasons Becki chose San Diego Habitat as a beneficiary is because she believes in our mission of homeownership, thinks it’s a really well-run organization, and likes the fact that Habitat homeowners serve on the Board of Directors. She adds, “I love that homeowners are required to have ‘skin in the game’ by providing sweat equity, and that volunteers — whether they’re women or men — are given the chance to try any job or any tools they want to.”

Since Becki has no children, she’s chosen to name some of her favorite organizations to be the beneficiaries of her assets. One of the organizations is her church and another is San Diego Habitat for Humanity.

Becki feels great about her decision to make a planned gift to San Diego Habitat. “I’m happy that my money will live on to support one of my favorite organizations.”