The Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) partners with individuals, families, and community organizations like Habitat to help achieve philanthropic goals and to make our shared community a sustainable, just, and vibrant society. They are guided in this work by Jewish values, including that of tzedakah (justice), kavod (respect), dor l’dor (generation to generation) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

JCF was the first and largest investor in San Diego Habitat’s Homebuilding Investment Fund, which acts as a line of credit for Habitat, allowing us to build more homes in a shorter time. The fund has raised over $2M and has enabled us to build and sell 37 homes throughout San Diego County.

In addition to their generous financial support, the JCF team rolled up their sleeves in 2019 and helped us build homes in Logan Heights at our Comm22 community.

Habitat is inspired by faith, with roots in Christianity, and we are honored by the partnership of our friends in the Jewish community who join us in envisioning a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

“Traditionally, in our daily worship, Jews thank G-d for ‘spreading over us a shelter of peace.’ In modern terms, this prayer directs us to ensure that everyone has a safe and suitable roof over their head” says Beth Sirull, President and CEO of the JCF. She continues, “The Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego is proud to work with Habitat—both physically and as an investor—to help provide affordable housing to more San Diegans.”

The arrival of the Jewish High Holy Days in September — Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — is a prominent reminder of the responsibility each one of us has to care for our neighbors and to repair the world. In this season, we are grateful for the JCF and their investment in Habitat and in our community, building strength and stability for families in need of improved housing.

To learn more about the homebuilding investment fund, please contact Karen Begin, Chief Development Officer at

L’ Shanah Tovah!