Are you passionate about helping Habitat achieve a San Diego where everyone has a decent place to live? Make a big impact on our mission with a beneficiary designation. It’s simple to execute, and may reduce the tax burden on your estate. In most cases, just a simple form from your financial institution is all that is needed to finalize your intentions. Your gift will not be required to go through probate, and can be put to work quickly to help Habitat partner with families in need of safe and affordable housing.

When you make a gift to San Diego Habitat or add Habitat as the beneficiary on your accounts, you can:

  • ensure that future generations live in a world where everyone has a decent place to live.
  • provide for your loved ones and make a gift to advance Habitat’s mission.
  • create a lasting legacy that ensures your commitment to affordable housing will live on.

Beneficiary designations can be used to make gifts from bank accounts, appreciated securities/investment fund accounts, life insurance, IRAs, and CDs.

Create a lasting impact for families and communities around the world to achieve strength and stability through shelter by contacting our gift planning experts today.