Every once in a while, a Habitat homeowner decides to sell the home they purchased — when they do, Habitat buys the home back and resells it to another qualifying buyer. It‘s how we keep the homes we build affordable in perpetuity.

This is currently the case at a home we built and sold 17 years ago in Escondido. Our team is making some repairs to the house before we sell it to a new Habitat homeowner — new paint, fixtures, flooring, and even a kitchen remodel!

A very special, longtime volunteer, Terry Parsons, is helping us make those repairs, and as it turns out, he was a volunteer on the original team that helped build this home 17 years ago! He and his late wife, Pat, supported San Diego Habitat for many years, helping to build locally as well as participating in Global Village trips where they built homes all over the world.

We will often hear our regular volunteers comment about how Habitat can get under your skin, in a good way, of course. Our mission seems to have had that effect on Terry. Thank you, Terry, for your generous contributions of time, treasure, and talent throughout the years! Looking forward to continuing to build with you!