On Tuesday, September 28, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a package of 27 bills crafted to boost housing production in California. The bills focus on four key areas — streamlining the building of new homes, breaking down barriers to build more affordable housing, addressing systemic bias by elevating fair housing principles, and holding local governments accountable to provide their fair share of affordable housing options.

Since the legislative session began early this year, we have worked closely with
Habitat for Humanity California, which represents 40 Habitat affiliates across the state, and sponsored four of these bills:

  • AB 345 (Quirk-Silva)
    Will allow an ADU to be sold or conveyed separately from the primary residence, resulting in more affordable units available for purchase.
  • AB 1095 (Cooley)
    Will establish more parity in various state affordable housing funding programs, which will increase funding to homeownership programs.
  • SB 728 (Hertzberg)
    Updating density bonus law to allow the purchase of density bonus units by nonprofit housing organizations, which will create more parity for homeownership development in state and local incentive programs.
  • AB 602 (Grayson)
    Will streamline the way development impact fees are calculated — from a per unit approach to a square foot approach, which will make the development of housing more affordable.