Your safety is important to us. We’ve updated our protocols for Women Build. READ OUR HEALTH + SAFETY INFORMATION ➜

What is the Adventure Race?

Think The Amazing Race — but without international travel! During the Women Build Adventure Race, brought to you by Cox, teams of up to five people will race to complete a series of challenges and compete for prizes. The grand prize will be awarded to the team who completes the most challenges the fastest. You may get wet, you may get dirty, but we promise lots of laughs and plenty of adventuring along the way.

Event details:

  • May 21 • 9am – May 23, 2021 • 9pm

  • Complete challenges in teams of up to five individuals. All ages are welcome.

Why Adventure Race?

After a long year of attending virtual events and “pivoting” our hearts out, we hope you are as excited as we are to ease our way back to a new normal — that means welcoming you back to Habitat job sites and to Women Build. We are also taking your health, safety, and level of comfort very seriously. That’s why we are offering the Adventure Race as an option to our Women Builders!

You can race in the safety of your own pandemic pod and still showcase all that Women Build stands for — equity, opportunity, and strength. The Women Build Adventure Race may be a great option if you:

  • want to participate with the whole family.
    All ages are welcome, and there’s something for everyone.

  • would prefer a flexible timeframe.
    Complete the challenges across the entire weekend.
  • aren’t quite ready to be “out there” yet.
    Race with your trusted, hand-picked quaran-team for ultimate confidence.
  • love Women Build, sans the power tools.
    The Adventure Race is a chance to get involved and never touch a hammer.

How does it work?

The Race includes 24 challenges, offering opportunities for you to get active, discover new places, stimulate your mind, be creative, deepen relationships with your teammates, and in true Women Build style, connect with our community.

Ready to get adventuring, while addressing the housing crisis in San Diego County?

  • Register here to secure your spot for the Women Build Adventure Race.

  • Create your individual fundraising pages.

  • Begin fundraising through our peer-to-peer platform. The earlier you register, the more time you’ll have to raise the required $300 to participate.

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In addition to a unique one-of-a-kind experience, all participants will receive a 2021 Women Build On t-shirt and hat. We also have some fun incentives to motivate our Women Builders to fundraise past their minimum:

  • $500 ⇢ San Diego Habitat fanny pack
  • $750 ⇢ Women Build On sweatshirt
  • $1000 ⇢ toolbox and tools from The Original Pink Box
  • Top Individual Fundraiser ⇢ local two-night staycation at Harrah’s Resort Southern California
  • Top Corporate Team ⇢ Women Build Hammer Plaque to display in workplace
  • Top Friends & Family Team ⇢ engraved frame with team photo for each team member

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Don’t miss our Virtual Kickoff Event.

Thursday, April 29 • 4pm | Join us for a lively, interactive, virtual gathering for Women Builders to come together and celebrate you — the women who help provide strength and stability throughout our neighborhoods. Top fundraisers will be announced and prizes will be awarded! RSVP HERE ➜

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Your questions about the Women Build Adventure Race, answered.

More questions?

Please email or call (619) 283-4663.

Challenges are designed to push you out of your comfort zones and generate unforgettable experiences. The collection of challenges you will face fall into four categories: Physical, Skill, Find, and Fun, and will include an array of brain-teasing puzzles, mini-scavenger hunts, and physical tasks. This variety ensures there is something for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Teams are never forced to do anything they don’t want to do, or can’t physically complete. You can skip around to create your own unique Adventure Race experience using the provided challenge list. Challenges can be completed between 9am on Friday, May 21 and 9pm on Sunday, May 23 in any order to best fit your schedule and comfort level.

At least one member of each team needs to be 18+, and in order for a participant to be eligible for incentives and prizes, he/she must be registered and have fundraised a minimum of $300.

Any youth-oriented team must have a 1:3 ratio of official participants (adult or 12+ fundraiser) to younger helpers. For example, one fundraising adult can raise the minimum $300 and make a team with him/herself and three under-12 participants. Kids are free to participate on their own as long as this minimum ratio is upheld.

They’re still here! Due to the pandemic, we have made some changes to the traditional Women Build format we’ve done in the past, but there are still options for in-person building as well as the Adventure Race. Learn more here.

Funds raised for the Women Build Adventure Race go towards helping San Diego Habitat partner with local families to build new homes, repair existing homes, and revitalize neighborhoods. Your support is making a lasting difference in the lives of local families and throughout our community.

Nope! As long as your team has 2-5 people and raised a minimum of $300 per person, you are good to race. There are, however, some physical challenges requiring balance and/or dexterity — and sometimes both. If you have a teammate with physical limitations, you might want to decide in advance how your team will handle it. Our advice is to have everyone on the same page before race day rather than to struggle in the midst of the competition.

Absolutely! Let your creativity run wild. Just keep in mind that you need to retain range of motion and, if you’re in it to win it, you don’t want your ensemble to slow you down. But we love a great theme — and all the better if your outfits align with your team name and incorporate the Women Build theme.

Yes! There will be a prize package awarded to the team that completes the most challenges or the first team to complete them all.

The health of the community is our utmost priority and this event model is uniquely suited to a post-pandemic environment. Participants are encouraged to plan what feels safest for them!

Racers can gather their quaran-team or pod to register together and race united or teams can use their leadership skills to divide challenges and conquer them on their own or with their family. There will be no in-person gatherings and all racers will be asked to wear masks and adhere to any local mandates for any challenges outside their homes. On event day, your team can evaluate which challenges, if any, you’d like to skip and/or how far from home you want the adventure to take you.

Be comfortable. Dress for the weather and for adventure. Wear supportive shoes and a secured face mask per CDC and local health requirements.

Teams are required to take pictures and/or video with a mobile device, potentially make phone calls or send text messages, and possibly utilize the internet to do research and/or send an email during the race. Make sure at least one team member has a fully-charged smartphone or device that can do all the above. It is strongly recommended that team members race with your devices’ power cords and/or backup power sources. You also may want to get familiar with your camera’s timer function and/or dig out your long-abandoned selfie stick.

It is also recommended that you have a map of your area, a pen or pencil, and something to take notes on. A good understanding of the surrounding communities will give your team an advantage. We advise carrying your ID just in case, though you will not need it for the event specifically.

You should also have some cash on you for any water or snacks you choose to buy along the way, or in case a challenge requires your team to purchase a small item. Of course, we recommend sunscreen, water bottles, hand sanitizer, and face masks. Most importantly, bring a sense of adventure!

As we’re not having a big send off from one spot nor are we having all teams cross a specific finish line, there really isn’t any place to send your people. The nature of this event is that you race from where you are and that you’re mobile. Even having your own band of spectators trailing you could be challenging, potentially dangerous, and will likely slow you down.

We recommend posting your validation photos and videos to your own social platforms and/or sharing them in a group text with your donors along the way. Don’t forget to hashtag #WomenBuildOn and #WomenBuildAdventureRace.