What is Building Industry Challenge?

Are you tired of the same old networking events? Are you ready to have some fun and get to know others in the building community? Are you ready for The Challenge?

This fun, competitive networking event invites teams and individuals from the San Diego building industry to compete in friendly building-themed challenges, all while helping to make affordable homeownership a reality for San Diego families. Only the best will earn the acclaimed title of The Challenge Champion for the year!

Are you speedy enough for The Nail Driving Contest?
How long would you last in The Sledgehammer Hold?

Why Building Industry Challenge?

San Diego Habitat is a member of the local building community, and as a nonprofit builder of affordable homes, we are grateful to our peers in the industry who give back — donating valuable time, materials, and expertise to help Habitat provide life-changing homeownership opportunities for hardworking families in our community.

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Event Recap

November 2019 • 46 participants • $21,200 raised

Everyone had a great time building Habitat homes, networking, and participating in fun challenges like The Sledgehammer Hold to see who could last the longest, The Nail Driver to see who had the best aim, and The Gear Up Relay Race to see who was the fastest. We even ended up holding a Double Sledgehammer Hold as a tie-breaking challenge.

Congratulations to Shea Homes, winner of the Team Division, and to Stephen Ott of SB&O Inc., the champion in the Individual Division!

Thank you to our 2019 event sponsors!