What is Home Builders Blitz?


The Home Builders Blitz is a partnership between San Diego Habitat for Humanity and the building industry to build homes in our community. The first national Home Builders Blitz in 2006 brought together more than 1,000 professional home builders and 130 Habitat affiliates across the country to build 459 homes, providing housing for nearly 2,000 people. San Diego Habitat for Humanity has participated in 4 Home Builders Blitz events since 2006.  Each year San Diego Habitat for Humanity has built 4 homes in 5 days.  To date we have built 16 homes using this format.  

The Builders Blitz model:

• The homes are built in a week.
• There is one builder per house, but several Habitat for Humanity affiliates have partnered builders to construct more than one home during the Blitz.
• Builders leverage their relationships in the building industry to get donations of building products and labor. The builder’s goal is to build the homes at zero cost to Habitat by seeking donations of construction materials and assisting with fundraising.
• Partner families are selected using Habitat for Humanity’s family selection cri­teria. Families must complete their sweat-equity hours before moving into the homes.
Past Home Builders Blitz Events: