build a playhouse with your team

Playhouses are built by Habitat’s corporate partners who financially sponsor their build experience, raising money to support Habitat's mission of building strength, stability, and self-reliance through access to safe, stable, affordable shelter.


How do I set up a team playhouse build?

Fill out our Group Interest Form to let us know a little bit about your team.

A Habitat staff member will contact you with build options based on your preferences. We will work with you to customize and schedule a build for your team. We will send you a donation form and instructions for the day. Prior to your build, your volunteers will register online.

How does it work?

Each playhouse takes 3-4 hours to build and paint with the help of about 8-10 volunteers.  Each playhouse is pre-cut and brought to your parking lot or event site so that your employees can fabricate and decorate!  We can also host you at our location in Kearny Mesa.  Volunteers will assemble the sides, door, windows, and trim, and will construct the roof and paint the completed structure.  Several playhouses can be built at once to engage more employees.  Sponsorship of playhouses start at $2,500; revenue which is used to fund the construction of real Habitat homes!


What can our team expect on our build day?

Whether your team is building homes or playhouses, you can expect a fun, rewarding experience.  You will build stronger team connections, and engage in meaningful work together that will build better life stories for people in our community. No experience is necessary!  We will provide all of the tools, materials, and instruction you need to get the job done!


How much does it cost to sponsor a playhouse build?

Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation (based on the size of your group) to cover the equivalent cost of materials and supervision.  This support allows us to build and repair homes in partnership with local families in need of improved housing. Sponsorship of playhouses starts at $2,500. 


Who receives the playhouses?

Playhouses built by Habitat's corporate partners are offered to Habitat Homeowners, to other children in need, and to the children of local veterans and active duty military personnel. Habitat also partners with organizations such as the San Diego Military Family Collaborative, Head Start centers, The Children's Initiative, and many more to distribute playhouses to children throughout San Diego County.


Ready to get started? 

Please fill out our Group Interest Form today to start planning your event!

If you or someone you know would like to apply to receive a playhouse, please click here.

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