Faith Community Partnerships


Habitat for Humanity welcomes all people to build with us in partnership.  Your congregation is a wonderful resource for helping to strengthen communities and transform lives!


How Can Your Congregation Help?


  • Pray for San Diego Habitat and its work.
  • Sponsor a house independently or partner with another congregation and share the responsibility of funding and building.
  • Prepare lunches for volunteers and serve them at the San Diego Habitat worksites.
  • Organize a work crew to help build houses.
  • Help spread the word about San Diego Habitat and its ministry.
  • Observe the International Day of Prayer and Action for Human Habitat to bring decent shelter to the minds and hearts of your congregation.
  • Participate in Building on Faith week in September, where we bring houses of faith together to work on one house for one week.
  • Invite Habitat to your Alternative Gift Fair during the Christmas season.
  • Donate new Bibles for our House Blessing ceremonies.
  • Conduct a fundraising event in support of San Diego Habitat.
  • Donate building materials to the Habitat ReStore.

"The doing of faith is critical. That is why we are involved with Habitat and why we will continue to be involved. People who get involved are often the people who are looking for something in a church. Habitat has been a launching pad for other kinds of service projects. Habitat helps novices find ways of doing good. One of the signs of a healthy congregation is that members can look beyond themselves and look toward others. I think Habitat provides an excellent way to do that."

-Bishop Gary Hansen Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

For more information about how your congregation can get involved, please contact Zachary Mujica, Faith Relations and Development Coordinator, at 619-283-4663 ext.137 or at