Chief Construction Officer
  Mr. Kosman is a professional, dedicated and skilled Project Manager who has 33 years of construction experience. He was a Navy Seabee for 22 years and has managed numerous projects around the world from remodeling schools and hospitals in Djibouti Africa to managing a $10 million dollar housing project in Kosovo which consisted of constructing sixty-four 3,000 square foot wood framed structures to house 2,000 U.S. Army soldiers in only 60 days.  As a project supervisor/operations officer, Ken was responsible for setting up the project, managing resources and producing reports, he spent time training inexperienced crew leaders and senior personnel in order to most efficiently manage construction projects.
Depending on the project, he supervised between 20 and 60 Navy personnel as well as local contracted labor. After retiring from the Navy, Ken joined San Diego Habitat for Humanity in March 2004 to serve as the Project Manager for the San Pasqual Fire Rebuild Project. He is currently the Chief Construction Officer overseeing all aspects of construction in San Diego County as well as the newly developed Acquisition Rehab program.  Ken is also the Responsible Managing Employee for San Diego Habitat for Humanity’s General Contractors License.